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LEDAKS led light accessories, founded by a team of 35 years experienced in aluminium and plastic, has completed its establishment in 2009 and star ted to serve you with high quality and good service understanding during getting bigger his capacity. Our company has aimed to be a pioneer in the sector since it was founded and prioritize quality and customer satisfaction and aims to share with you by following the innovations in the world and our country. We are proud to serve you by adopting as a principle of innovation, service, reliability, winning and sharing in our business.

Our business is to share the newest innovation, service, reliability, profit, knowledge and our experience which is formed with developing technology, we share with our customers, meet their needs and expectations with high quality and innovations, facilitate their productions and add aesthetic and material value to their products with our experienced team of led housing case and led heatsink systems.

With our' Management, Production and Procurement' strategies that we have created in the framework of our basic quality policies that we produce and sell, as an advanced and respected organization; be the best in the domestic and international markets is to be permanent in the sector. LEDAKS as we are a family. Each member of our family knows the following values very well. Protects, leads by example and ensures that members own the values of business. In order to be sustain our existence, we ought to always make customers happy and be a solution partner. We never compromise on quality.

We fulfill our commitments absolutely, do our job consciously and reliance on our business. We do not forget that we represent our country in the foreign market with the products we produce and supply. As employees, we focus on the goals of our company. We know that success will come together and that success belongs to everyone. We work in solidarity and team spirit to attain an aim. We keep our cost, quality and environmental consciousness at the highest level in all our activities. Custom profiles can be produced according to your requirements.

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